AMC’s “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” season 2 news

By Mike

June 30, 2008 Television No comments

Just a quick note for my fellow Breaking Bad fans out there, season 2 will begin production sometime in July, with a premiere date still up in the air.

And Mad Men, another critically acclaimed AMC original series that I’ve not seen yet, will debut its second season on July 27th. If you missed the first season like me, you can pre-order it over on right now, or just wait until it’s released tomorrow. Or snag it off Blockbuster like I’ll be doing.

You can see a quick recap of Mad Men’s first season by visiting Or you can check out this “Best Of Season One” video below:

With Burn Notice and Mad Men to catch up on, my July is looking pretty packed!

Here is a bonus video from Breaking Bad’s executive producer Vince Gilligan, where he talks about “finding” the comedy in the series.