Some spoilers from the upcoming “Star Trek” film

By Mike

June 2, 2008 Movies No comments

Thanks to The Movie Blog, I saw this piece about some spoilers over at Trek Movie, in which they detail some of the key ships that we’ll see in the latest Star Trek sequel.

One of my favorite parts of the Star Trek movies isn’t always the stories and characters, but the starships themselves. I think it stems from my love of building models as a kid. I believe I built about 3-4 different models of the USS Enterprise, although I’m pretty sure they all sucked.

Anyways, here are the main points from the article. Read the entire thing over at The Movie Blog.

- The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 will be a major presence in the movie that will start out being commanded by Captain Pike and then later by James Kirk.

- The movie is being described as “a starship adventure�

- A Romulan ship commanded by Nero (Eric Bana). Ship will not look like the traditional Romulan vessel.

- Spock arrives in the past flying a Vulcan 1 man time travel ship. He’s not a ghost as some sites have reported

- There is another Federation ship with a big role called the USS Kelvin. The first officer of that ship is George Kirk (Captian Kirk’s dad?)