There’s going to be an X-Files comic special!

By Mike

June 17, 2008 Comics Movies No comments

I am not sure how I missed that this was happening, but let’s face it: My memory and awareness seem to be that of a 128-year old man sometimes.

Whatever the reason for my oversight, I’m happy to be able to pass along the news that X-Files writer Frank Spotnitz is helming the release of a new X-Files comic book special under DC Comics’ Wildstorm label.

Comic Book Resource interviewed Spotnitz, who told them that this special comic will be set between seasons 2 and 5 and will be a standalone “monster of the week”story.

“It would just be too difficult to address how fluid the world of the X-Files is at this time. So it just made easier to set it in the past.”

“It’s in classic X-Files mode. Mulder the believer. Scully the sceptic. And scary,” said Spotnitz. “It’s simpler than an episode would be because it’s shorter than the length of an episode. It’s fun to be back in that world and have Mulder and Scully investigating a new case. It’s a different mode than the mode of the movie, which is set six years after the series ended. They are both in very different places in their lives in 2008 then they were when the TV series was going on.

“It’s like revisiting Holmes and Watson when they were at the peak of their adventures, as well.”

I’m totally pumped about this now. The comic arrives on the 23rd of July, only two days before the X-Files: I Want To Believe movie hits theaters.

The special will be illustrated by Brian Denham, who has done a lot of stuff with Iron Man: Hypervelocity and Nova, along with Avengers Giant-Sized Special and some others.

He posts stuff on his blog from time to time, and here are some samples of his Iron Man work.

That’s going to be a fun week. It’s also the same time as Comic Con in San Diego, which I am planning on going to for at least a day if possible.

What do you think, are you pumped for an X-Files comic?