Valerie Cruz joins the cast of “Dexter”

By Mike

June 24, 2008 Television No comments

Dexter is a peculiar little series on Showtime and it’s one that I recently started watching based on all the praise and recommendations from you guys.

I’m only four episodes in and I already love it. Dark, spooky, yet in a sick and twisted way, heroic. This guy Dexter Morgan was based off a book called Darkly Dreaming Dexter, but I could really see him in graphic novels someday.

I’m bummed that I have two seasons to catch up on, but it’s only 20 more episodes and I hope to be caught up by the Fall. I need to catch up on Burn Notice first.

I have some casting news for you fans of the show: Valerie Cruz has joined the Dexter crew as the wife of Jimmy Smits, also a new addition to the third season. Smits plays Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado.

Cruz has recently been seen in The Dresden Files and appears to be a veteran of popping around TV shows.