What to rent: New DVD releases for 6/3/08

By Mike

June 3, 2008 DVD Movies No comments

Finally we get a week with some good stuff coming out on DVD, except for the tiny fact that most of the good stuff is in the realm of Blu-Ray and high definition.

In fact, there is only one movie that I’d really recommend and that’s only because I’ve HEARD it was decent, not because I’ve seen it at all.

Control (2007 – DVD)

This is a movie based on the true story of Ian Curtis, the singer of Joy Divison who’s personal, professional and romantic troubles lead him to commit suicide at the young age of 23. He was about to embark on a long dreamed about tour in the United States, but instead hung himself from a rope in his apartment.

It stars Sam Riley and Samantha Morton, and has a 8.0 rating on IMDB.com, which is pretty good. (buy)

Blu-Ray Extravaganza

Well, if you love Blu-Ray movies, this is pretty darned good week for releases. In fact, according to Amazon.com, there are 56 total Blu-Ray releases this week alone!

The Dirty Harry Ultimate Collectors Edition – Well, if you love Dirty Harry, this set of all five Dirty Harry films comes on Blu-Ray and complete with all-new special features. (buy)

Cloverfield – If you haven’t seen this viral megahit from earlier this year, Blu-Ray would be the best way to experience it. (buy)

There Will Be Blood – One of the top movies critically from 2007, There Will Be Blood is beautifully filmed with some amazing music. Daniel Day Lewis is superb. (buy)

Patton, The Sand Pebbles – Two of the greatest war movies of all time, now out on Blu. (buy)(buy)

There are a bunch more, including: Face/Off, Signs, The Italian Job, Blades of Glory, Flags of our Fathers, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Tomb Raider, Mission Impossible, Babel, Disturbia and a ton more.

Check them all out on Amazon, buy a few and help pay for our hosting bill *grin*