Comic-Con: Trouble in Hall H

Well, I’m not there yet, but hopefully when I finally do arrive, I wont go through what some others have already experienced today.

Coming Soon reports that a mini-disaster occurred in the massive Hall H. Some scaffolding supporting drapes in the rear of the room collapsed and hurt one individual at least.

Hopefully THAT stuff gets fixed before I’m in there for the Lost panel on Saturday.

That is…if I even get to sit inside Hall H for it. Apparently one of the writers for Comic Book Resource was kicked out of that room by a security guard and some Twilight fans.

After heading in to hold my seats for the rest of our writers who were on the way in, a Twilight fan (the lady in the middle with the short spiky hair) confronted a security guard because she had been waiting and “really wanted my seats.” I was then yelled at by the programming rep in Hall H and was immediately told to leave.

He goes on with a rant (looks like he edited out a bunch that I read ealier) about how sucky the executives and programming directors are at Comic-Con, and that we should all just save our money and stay home.

Well, I aint staying home, but it does worry me a bit about the two panels I’m planning to Live Blog from. I will do my best to make sure I’m in those rooms, but if it’s as chaotic as people are talking about right now, who know WHAT could happen.

Either way, I’m still stoked to be there and will be posting a picture of me and my new “Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica” t-shirt as soon as I’ve purchased it.