De Niro Teaming Up With Gibson In Edge of Darkness

By Jason

July 31, 2008 Movies No comments

Way back in April we told you about a movie called Edge of Darkness which Mel Gibson had signed on to star in. It is to be Gibson’s first starring role in a film since 2002 when he had the back to back hits of Signs and We Were Soldiers. Well, today we learn from the Boston Herald that Robert De Niro is close to signing on to co-star.

Martin Campbell (GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro, Casino Royale) is directing Edge of Darkness from a script by screenwriter William Monahan (The Departed). The film is a crime thriller and is based on a popular BBC miniseries. Mel Gibson is set to star as a seasoned Boston police detective investigating the death of his activist daughter, played by Aussie actress Bojana Novakovic. It isn’t known which role De Niro might be playing as the production company did not make a comment.

I’m excited about these two teaming up. I’m a big Mel Gibson fan and I think De Niro could use a movie like this right about now. He’s got a couple coming up that might help him out, but his track has been pretty hit and miss as of late. Campbell is an excellent director and Gibson usually makes great films. This one sounds like it could be really good.

Edge of Darkness will shoot in and around Boston and the Berkshires from August 18 to December. No word on a possible release date.