Get your NFL Ticket SuperFan free before the end of the day!

By Mike

July 31, 2008 Sports Television No comments

A quicky post for you guys who subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket every year on DirecTV, especially those fans of high definition.

I was just alerted by a buddy that there was a flyer sent out offering NFL Ticket to loyal customers for FREE.  Check it out here and here. I didn’t get it, but a lot of people did.

Why not me? Why others?

Now, getting free stuff from DTV isn’t an exact science. You have to be persistent on most occasions. But this was pretty easy for me. I called up, said I was looking at this flyer for the free SuperFan deal which expires today, so I wanted to make sure I took advantage before it was too late.

Five minutes later, I had it for free.

You just have to call 1-800-GET-SPORTS and do the same thing. Or at least try. I might have gotten lucky.