I Am Almost Legend: Let’s Talk Prequel

By Jason

July 31, 2008 Movies No comments

Last year director Francis Lawrence brought the forever-in-development I Am Legend to the big screen with Will Smith as the star and saw the film go on to gross over $584M worldwide and become one of the biggest hits of the year. Was there any doubt they would start talking about making another one?

(If you haven’t seen the movie yet you might not want to read this as it will most definitely give away a few things.)

ShockTillYouDrop.com was able to get an interview with Lawrence at Comic-Con and he opened up right away about rumors concerning a possible sequel or prequel to the film. “Yes, yes, absolutely, we’re actually trying to crack that. We’re trying to figure out some ideas for it, but yes, it would be a prequel,” he told them.

A prequel would be the most obvious course of action to take, of course, since that would mean that Will Smith could actually return (since he died in the first one) something the director says Smith isn’t opposed to doing. If they were to make a sequel they would have to be far more creative in finding a way to work Will Smith into the picture.

I’m afraid I have to say that this is just a bad idea. There were things that I liked about I Am Legend and things I thought could have been better, but I’m not sure anyone was sitting around after the movie saying they wished they could have seen more about the virus turning everyone into…whatever it is they were turned in to. A prequel would almost certainly deal with parts of the story that we already know the ending to. It just seems pointless. A sequel might not be a bad idea, but they’d have to find a way to work Will Smith in which would probably just screw the whole story up since it wouldn’t make any sense.

Does anyone else think this is a good idea? Or is this just a case of a bunch of people trying to make money off Will Smith and a hit movie?