Top ‘Critics’ for June 2008

June was an interesting month around these parts. We’ve had some insane traffic as of late and a boost in our readership, including a bunch of new commentors.

We also switched to Disqus part of the way through the month, and that was a huge undertaking which has turned out awesome in my opinion.

The Trousered Ape told me at the beginning of June that he was going to destroy the previous record of 533 total comments, set by Cap’n Schwartz.

Well, that happened, but I’m not sure it was a demolition. Either way, posting over 500 comments in a month is pretty awesome and it certainly made June a heck of a lot more fun.

The Top Five

It’s hard to believe the Cap’n stumbled down to third, but I think the spanking from Ape must have discouraged him. That, or he had actual real work to do.

The Trousered Ape (593)
Princess Ana (189)
Cap’n Schwartz (176)
Richard (128)
jina (102)

The Best of the Rest

Here are the rest of the folks in double-digits this month.

nicky (54)
Dadofiandi (48)
robertb (26)
D.L. White (24)
Raven Spinner (24)
Adam (15)
Scotty Dub (13)
Robert (11)
Adrian (11)
JC John SESE Cuneta (謝施洗) (10)