TV Review/Recap: “Flashpoint – Scorpio” (2008 – Pilot)

By Mike

July 14, 2008 Reviews Television No comments

Another new summer show hit the scene on Friday night. It’s a crime drama called Flashpoint on CBS, and stars a few familiar faces, like Enrico Colantoni and Amy Jo Johnson. The series follows an urban police squad, which we see handling a hostage situation on the very first episode.

The episode was called Scorpio and trying to review it has proved to be somewhat of a conundrum for me. On one hand, it seemed like a normal pilot episode, but on the other it could have almost been a random one from the middle of the season.

We get glimpses of all the characters, the entrance of a rogue new guy towards the end and a great look at what these guys go through if things don’t go as planned.

It seemed like the normal pilot stuff was missing. We didn’t get blatant introductions for everyone, brief histories, etc. We were just dropped in the middle of the action and asked to swim.

Not that it was bad. I enjoyed it alright, despite the disjointed feel.

One thing I will say to praise it and CBS: Their series for some reason ALWAYS look better in HD than other stations. I dunno what it is, but an episode of CSI in high definition has more brilliance and picture quality than anything else.

And Flashpoint seemed to follow suit. It was easy on the eyes.

The show is definitely another crime drama that is focused on a different area then we’ve probably seen before. I can’t recall an urban police squad being featured on a TV show, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

The episode really found its groove when the hostage was shot. The character named Ed was position Sierra 1, which seems to imply you are the first sniper to shoot when the command “Scorpio” is given.

But once he pulls the trigger, everything changes for him. It’s obvious he’s done this before, but it’s hard on him even if he doesn’t make it aware to his squad-mates.

That was where the real heart of Flashpoint was for me. It was pretty basic and procedural up until this mega-event took place for Ed.

I will tune in again to see how things play out, but after watching the first episode, it was just okay for me dawg.

(Also, if anyone knew the song at the end of the episode, let me know!)

Mike’s TV Rating: It’s Summer, Nothing Much Else Is On