Ugh, New Line wants Austin Powers 4

By Mike

July 31, 2008 Movies No comments

As I was typing the headline above, I asked my wife to come see if she thought it was funny or not. She read it and went “uggghhhhh” without even realizing it.

So I think she answered my question.

Nikkie Finke has the scoop at Deadline Hollywood. Apparently Mike Myers is writing Austin Powers 4, and New Line is “panting” for it.

Apparently Myers can do no wrong. I’m just curious if New Line has read the papers recently and saw what a flop The Love Guru was and how Myers’ ability to draw an audience is waning.

An insider told Nikki that the movie is a homage to his father: “It’s very personal with a father and son theme loosely based on his own life.”

Now, Austin Powers is a character that has a lot of devoted fans I think, even if the third one should have been the sign of bad things yet to come. But it’s likely it will draw enough at the box office to make it at least a bit profitable. Maybe.

But it still makes me sad to see what’s happened to Myers. Finke tells this story:

Does Myers realize he may no longer be a draw? (Probably not. Before the pic [Love Guru] opened, he reportedly made diva demands from Conan O’Brien staffers last month for stupid stuff like Twizzlers and raspberry seltzer.)

I used to absolutely adore this guy, especially after So I Married An Axe Murderer. But he’s sinking lower and lower with these films that keep giving us the same gross humor over and over and over.

I’d love to see him in an original film like Axe Murderer was, to help everyone remember that this guy used to be absolutely hilarious.