Ana Lucia is back on Lost?

By Mike

August 29, 2008 Television No comments

Apparently the Lost DUI kiss of the death has a statute of limitations.

Ana Lucia, played by Michelle Rodriguez, will be making an appearance in episode two of the upcoming season of Lost. If you recall (and if you watch the show, how could you forget?) Ana was blown away by Michael in season two.

Most speculated that the death was a direct result of her habit of driving while intoxicated and then getting caught.

But either way, she’ll be in the second episode along with guest star Cheech Marin, which likely means it’s a Hurley-centric storyline. From everything we’ve heard, Lost wont be following the typical “flash-forward/flashback” style this year, so how or where she appears is anyone’s guess.

[Michael Ausiello via Slice of SciFi]