Bear McCreary’s Eureka Soundtrack Is Released

By Jason

August 28, 2008 Music Television No comments

We’ve often discussed the many musical talents of Bear McCreary, mostly in relation to the wonderful work he does on Battlestar Galactica (read an interview here). But did you know he also does the music for one of my other favorite shows from the Sci-fi channel, Eureka?

The music for Eureka is much like the show itself, a little weird, a little twisted, and completely unique. Like most shows who have great music composers, the music ends up almost being a character itself. I couldn’t imagine Eureka without the special and unique mixes Bear brings to the table week after week and I don’t think I’d want to.

Now, I said all of that so I could let you know that a soundtrack album has finally been released for Eureka by La La Land Records. It’s the same company that did the soundtracks for Battlestar Galactica. Bear describes it on his blog like this:

Whether or not you’ve seen Eureka, this CD is worth checking out. The music is a totally unique and twisted blend of folk, blues and zydeco with 80s New Wave synths, 8-bit and 16-bit video-game-inspired FM synthesis, 70’s keyboards, accordions, dobros, didgeridoo and a little Spanish Flamenco.

I encourage you to check out his post on the subject and listen to the samples if you haven’t seen the show because the music is fantastic. The album is already available for purchase.