Brett Ratner To Direct God Of War

By Jason

August 4, 2008 Movies video games No comments

If you’re a games-turned-into-movies fan, and who isn’t (note the sarcasm), you’ll have reasons to be both happy and sad with this news. The popular video game series, God of War, finally has a director for the film adaptation. But it’s Brett Ratner.

I personally don’t hate Brett Ratner the way a lot of other online writers seem to. I’m not especially a fan of the Rush Hour films, but I enjoyed The Family Man and Red Dragon and I actually think he did a pretty decent job with X-Men: The Last Stand. I’m a little pissed at him for bringing Prison Break into the world, but that’s a different matter altogether. I think he might be able to handle the directing of this film and do a decent job.

For those of you who don’t know anything about God of War, here is a brief description from ScreenRant:

God Of War is a video game epic set in ancient Greece, that basically takes all those Greek mythology stories about Zeus, Hades, Athena, Aires, Atlas, Olympus, and even the War between Gods and Titans said to have shaped the world itself, and turns those myths on their heads by introducing a character named Kratos, a merciless Spartan warrior who dies only to return as “The Ghost of Sparta,” wielding two mystical blades attached to chains, hungering for revenge on the gods he thinks have toyed with his existence, namely Aires, the God of War. But first, of course, he must battle his way through hordes of mythical monsters to get there.

There aren’t really any further details on the film. We only found out about Brett Ratner being attached to this film because MGM accidentally included the information in their press release about RoboCop. We do know that God of War has a TON of fans and that a third game in the series is due to hit stores sometime next year. Let’s hope Ratner knows what he’s getting himself in to.