It’s Done: Mike Joins the Blu-Ray Ranks

By Mike

August 26, 2008 DVD Technology No comments

After much begging from my wife (who honestly was sick of me talking about it), I finally laid down some bucks and purchased a Playstation 3 yesterday.

Firefly on Blu-Ray, here I come!

I’m totally pumped about this. September will give us Iron Man and Transformers releasing on Blu-Ray and this acquisition is just in the nick of time.

It’s also a few months before the baby comes, meaning it will likely the last toy I’ll buy myself for quite awhile.

At least I’m going out in style.

I bought a 40GB version off Ebay for $300 and it comes with I Am Legend and the five-disc edition of Blade Runner, a movie I don’t remember much of because I only saw it once and that was quite awhile ago.

Oh yeah, it plays games too.

But seriously, I cannot wait for the Firefly Blu-Ray set and then Lord of the Rings hopefully sometime in 2009. I’ve been putting off my annual LotR Marathon until I have the high-definition versions to watch and the wait is getting excruciating.

So give me suggestions on the first Blu-Ray movie I should watch/purchase. My mind says to wait until November 11th for Firefly, but do any of you really believe I can hold out that long?