McLovin’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse cast in Kick-Ass!

By Mike

August 15, 2008 Movies No comments

(UPDATE: I totally blew this story, thinking McLovin’ was being cast as Kick-Ass, when in reality he’s taking the part of Red Mist. My apologies to everyone for the incorrect information. I just saw Mintz-Plasse as in negotiations for Kick-Ass and figured the perfect role for him WAS Kick-Ass. Wrong-o…)

Mark Millar promised us big news this week and he came through with flying colors.

The scene-stealer from Superbad, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, the self-named McLovin’, will play Red Mist in the upcoming Kick-Ass film adaptation. His character is the angry son of a mobster who is out to uncover the secret identity of Kick-Ass.

We also have other casting news and budget information for Kick-Ass. It’s going to be an indie project since no Hollywood studio wanted to take on this film that has such a violent nature to it. Matthew Vaughn, who will direct Kick-Ass, raised the needed $30 million on his own to make the movie.

I friggin’ love Vaughn, he did the recent underrated Stardust, along with two of my all-time favorites, Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

The 11-year old Chloe Moretz has been cast as a young girl who slashes and dices thugs with a ninja sword. You’ve most recently seen her in the television show, Dirty Sexy Money.

Kick-Ass is a comic book series written by Millar and drawn by John Romita Jr. It’s only three issues in, but has been such a huge hit, the movie was close on its heels.