NBC Ups Chuck to a Full Season Order

By Mike

August 29, 2008 Television No comments

Get it? Ups Chuck? Upchuck?

Lame, yes, but it made me laugh. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

Originally, the spy-comedy Chuck had only been asked to do a half-season. But that was until NBC announced Thursday that they love the show so much, it’s only fitting we should be blessed with a full order of episodes.

From their official press release:

“We couldn’t be more excited with the creative direction Josh (Schwartz) and his team are executing on ‘Chuck,'” said Teri Weinberg, Executive VP of NBC Entertainment. “This show has really hit its stride and deserves a full-season commitment to carry out the producers’ vision for this unique series.”

“Deserves a full season”…that’s something you wish had been said about other shows, but whatever. Such is life. The statement is just corporate speak anyways, because plenty of series have “deserved” to be extended but it’s not in the budget to do so.

Don’t let those kind words from Teri fool you. If the show wasn’t predicted to get good ratings, Chuck would be adios-ed and the Intersect would be in enemy hands by now.

But either way, I’m actually really excited about the return of Chuck. I started out with just an “it’s okay dawg” opinion of the show, but it got better towards the end and I had such an enjoyable time at the 2008 Comic Con Chuck panel, it’s going to be fun to see it again.