So You Think You Can Dance 2008: Top 6 RESULTS SHOW Recap


August 1, 2008 Television No comments

The show begins with a performance by the top six contestants to Bette Midler’s The Rose. It was a beautiful dance choreographed by Mandy Moore (the dancer, not the singer/actress). The judges are reintroduced, Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe. Also, Nigel has wonderful new! The number of people who have registered to vote on shot up 400% after Nigel pleaded with America to become active in our political system. Now, let’s see if those people will actually read up on the issues and vote.

Shankman also has great news. He has added to the $250,000 winner’s purse a featured role in a new movie he is producing.

Cat starts off the solos with Courtney‘s introduction. She danced to Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy.

Mark danced to Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani. I have to say this was one of the most entertaining solos I’ve seen him do. Good job, Mark! The way he used his suspenders was awesome!

Katee grooved to Jon McLaughlin’s Beautiful Disaster. Her solo seemed as if she was pleading with the audience to please, please, please let her stay!

Joshua performed and reassured my putting him in the top two this week. This man can move! His solo was to I Can Make You Dance by Zapp.

Chelsie comes out “swinging” and has the most energetic solo of all three girls. She danced to The Girl’s Gone Wild by Travis Tritt.

Twitch was next, and I have to say, my favorite. He not only danced to Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy, but he danced Hip-hop to it! Amazing. I also dug his shirt with his glasses on one side and his Super Twitch symbol on the back.

Now Cat introduces Lil’ Demon. A 6-year-old who has been dancing hip-hop for the past 2 years. This kid moved better than most adults!

So FINALLY, Cat brings out the girls. Who is going to be the first one safe? Well, that’s an easy question. The first girl going into the top four is Katee! Come on, everyone knew that. After a commercial break Cat brings out the guys. The first guy who is safe is Joshua! Right about now is the time where I started to get worried for my favorite, Twitch. Mark beat out Will last week. Will he be able to conquer Twitch too? We’ll have to wait and see.

While we’re put in suspense, Lady GaGa performs her single Just Dance. I didn’t know there were people like her in this world. I know there are some STRANGE people out there but with her 80′s jacket, black light microphone and bike reflector shoes she ranks up there pretty high. Then she whips out her quarts sunglasses and a matching, glowing scepter and I just had to laugh. Check it out for yourself.

We’re down to the last few minutes of the show and it’s about time to announce who is going home tonight. They bring out Courtney and Chelsie. Courtney…is safe! Sorry Chelsie, but you’re going home. I wasn’t too shocked about this since it was difficult for me to rank them on Wednesday. I felt a little sorry for her because here solos were better than Courtney’s. But Courtney IS better looking so there you go. Twtich and Mark come out next and I’m pleading with the TV to let Twich stay. Mark…will be going home tonight. I was very happy that Twich is staying. Sorry, Mark. Wednesday I said that Courtney and Mark would be going home. Well, I got it half right.

Tell me what you think? Did your favorites make it to the final four? The Season finale starts Wednesday August 6th and wraps up on Thursday the 7th. Don’t forget to get your tickets for the tour when they go on sale August 2nd!

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