Some Highlights from the So Fresh, So Fox Photo Shoot

By Mike

August 22, 2008 Celebrities Television No comments

(this post may take some time to load because I didn’t know when to stop posting pictures – Photos courtesy of FOX)

Fox recently did a pretty awesome photo shoot of their young, talented actors and actresses from their Fall/Winter slate of shows. It was called So Fresh, So Fox and featured about a bazillion photos of these stars from some of your favorite series.

If the Summer Glau photo above impresses you as much as it did me, you’ll likely enjoy the rest of em’.

You can head over to their special site to view them all, or check out some of my favorites below.

Eliza Dusku from the upcoming Dollhouse

Thomas Dekkar from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

John Francis Daley from Bones. I mean, this was the nerdy kid in Freaks and Geeks! I love seeing him in TV still and doing well.

Anna Torv from Fringe.

Carlos Bernard, or Tony Almeida from 24.

Tahmoh Penikett from BSG and the upcoming Dollhouse.

Kal Penn from Harold and Kumar fame, now starring in House.

Olivia Wilde from House, I first saw her on The O.C. where she dated Seth Cohen AND Marissa Cooper.

Can’t pick favorites without the beautiful Lena Headey from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Make sure to check out the rest of the shoot over on So Fresh, So Fox.