Trio Hot On The Moulin Rouge

By Jason

August 22, 2008 Movies No comments

A trio of production companies are hot to tell the story of the Moulin Rouge, the first desegregated hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Dubai-based Exwaze, Hollywood-based Hughes Capital Entertainment and Garden Grown Entertainment, the last of which was formed by brothers Mos Def, Khalil Prescott-Bey and Rahman Prescott, are all teaming up to produce the drama that will focus on a fictional African-American character who rises from mob debt collector to manager of the Moulin Rouge.

The producers plan to shoot the film in Dubai. While casino gambling isn’t permitted in Dubai, the producers said they plan to erect a replica of the casino that sprang up in 1955 and closed six months later under mysterious circumstances just as it was gaining momentum and attracting singers such as Sammy Davis Jr., Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra.

No production schedule has been announced as they are still raising money in the hopes of shooting the film next year. I can’t really say this sounds all that exciting. Plus, they have that “other” film to worry about as people will undoubtedly think about it any time you mention the Moulin Rouge. I’m taking a wait and see approach on this one.