90210 Recap: “Lucky Strike”

By Julie

September 9, 2008 Television No comments

Last week the 90210 season premiere pulled in top ratings amongst viewers, and it was expected that this week would only gain momentum. Family secrets emerge from nearly every character and the love triangles predicted last week are now in full swing.

Mornings are hectic in any household across the nation, so it is no wonder that mom’s old fashion sit down breakfast was going to fly in the Wilson’s household. Debbie decides to take action after feeling abandoned by her family at the breakfast table. She and Harry propose a family night! Where they can all go out bowling together! And not just any night, a Friday night at the Lucky Strike! (Note the sarcasm) Give me a break, like this would ever happen on the old 90210.

Dixon and Annie try to put up a fight (if you can call it that) insisting that they already had plans. Dixon was planning on spending the night with Navid watching a screening of the new Bond movie and Annie had another date with Ty watching a band out at the pier. Somehow Debbie and Harry seem to coerce their two children into hanging out with them, despite their best efforts to escape.

Silver appears to be reliving the exact storyline that Kelly did, oh so many years ago. We discover that she has been staying at a women’s shelter because she doesn’t want to go home and deal with her drunken mother. Silver then tries to enlist the help of big sis Kel, but is shot down because Kelly has a hot ‘secret’ date with Ryan.

While Dixon and Annie are splashing their good family values across campus and Silver is trying to cope with her dysfunctional family, Naomi is bragging about the fact that her dad is taking her to Vegas. Vegas this, Vegas that is about all we hear until ironically at the last minute her dad backs out of their plans. In an attempt to smooth things over, before Naomi even has a chance to process her emotions, he hands her the keys to a new Mercedes SUV! Wow…. Bowling night and a Benz make up gift, now I need a moment to process!

So Friday night rolls around, and both Annie and Dixon have schemed up a plan to get out of the bowling family night. Their friends are going to casually come down to the Lucky Strike for a game, and hopefully their parents will let them leave early. Silver shows up with a personal invite from Dixon, and makes it obviously clear that she loves the family attention. Ethan and Navid also show up to help the twins make their escape. Ethan uses this opportunity to get closer to Annie, by cornering her for a heart to heart in the parking lot. Annie is shamelessly flirting with Ethan, when her supposedly crush, Ty, shows up. Really? How long can we keep this up? It is obvious that Ethan likes Annie, and Annie likes Ethan.

After, Naomi has a minute to get over the devastation her father has caused her by leaving her a car instead of taking her to Vegas, she and Adrianna decide to take a joy ride. Adrianna is digging the wheels, when she belts out a tune, Naomi upset snaps “You sound pitchy” Adrianna fires back “You sound bitchy”. Quick to get over their ‘cat fight’ Naomi decides she wants to thank her father for her new car and heads over to his office to bring him dinner while he is working late. Oh the horror, when she discovers that her dad is not working late on a merger, but rather working late on merging his lips with another woman.

Naomi still manages to show up at the Lucky Strike, where Adrianna runs to find Ethan. Ethan bolts to the parking lot to find Naomi and comfort her in her time of need. Which I must add raises a few questions: she was in a new car, how did he know where to find her? And secondly, didn’t Ethan just break up with her for cheating last week? For some reason, Annie feels it is appropriate to ditch Ty to also go help console the distraught Naomi. Annie, are you seriously giving up your date with like-totally-the-most-popular-guy to console a girl who you just met last week?

In the meantime, Kelly and Ryan are heating up their ‘secret’ hot date. Kelly explains that she is not comfortable letting Ryan meet her son, because the only man her son knows is his father. Although, Kelly is very vague that Sammy’s father is someone that she had a lot of history with in high school. So the lovechild mystery is going to remain a mystery until another time…

After arriving home from the Luck Strike, Debbie and Harry remind Annie and Dixon that they still have chores to do; Silver takes a hint and takes off. (COM‘on even the Brady’s weren’t forced to do chores on a Friday night!) However, I guess the chores lead for a good transition when Dixon finds Silver sleeping in her car in the front of their house. Silver confides in Dixon, Dixon confides in his parents – only after revealing that he came from a troubled background – and they all curl up for the night as a big happy family.

In the morning Kelly is alerted to the situation with her little sister and decides to do the right thing, which is confronting her mother. Jackie Taylor and Kelly have it out like the good ole days; putting both of her daughters in their place and kicking Silver out. Luckily, Silver has such a responsible older sister and goes to live with Kelly.

Also the next morning, Naomi still upset about what she saw, struggles out of bed to talk to her mother about the affair. Her mother calmly replies, “Her name is Gail, I know all about it.”

So I say, Lucky Strike or Strike Out? I am beginning to wonder who exactly this show is targeting. It is apparent that they are trying to portray good family values and ‘hard’ teen issues for the younger crowd but bringing back old names and places for the older crowd. Since it is only the second episode, I will hold my tongue on some of the other discrepancies I see, but one burning question is where in the heck is Grandma Wilson? Or Brenda for that matter?