Check Out the Red Band Trailer and Poster for Role Models

By Mike

September 17, 2008 Movies Videos No comments

I somehow missed the development of this film Role Models, which isn’t surprising considering the buttloads of movie news I scan on a daily basis, but I’ve heard about it now and so that means you get to also.

I don’t always pass on every trailer I see, but this one is full of raunchiness and laughs aplenty, not to mention it has the hilarious Paul Rudd along with Sean Williams Scott, Elizabeth Banks and McLovin’ himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

The movie is about two energy drink spokesmen who get sentenced to 150 hours of community service and forced into mentoring two psycho kids.

Not sure if I need to remind you or not, that this trailer is Red Band and it’s got that classification for a good reason. Turn down the volume, close the office door or put on the headphones before you watch this one.

Afterwards, check out the poster and then tell us what you thought of the preview.