First Look at the New Dark Towers: Treachery #1

By Mike

September 11, 2008 Comics No comments

I’m way behind on the Dark Towers comic book series, and it’s something I’d like to catch up on because so far it’s been fairly good. I’m still on the first graphic novel called The Gunslinger Born and have a few issues sitting on my nightstand of the next series, The Long Road Home.

The latest arc in the Dark Towers series is called Treachery and it hits shelves today, September 10th. Where The Gunslinger Born was material mostly taken from the Wizard and Glass book, The Long Road Home and Treachery are essentially all-new stories from Robin Furth (adaptation) and Peter David (script).

What I love most about these comics so far, and from what I can see of these new pages from Treachery, is the art. It’s just beautifully drawn and has a unique style all its own. Jae Lee and Richard Isanove do the art and the work is just awesome.

Like the cover below in the first of the pictures I pulled from IGN’s exclusive preview. The smoking gun, the lowered head, the bleeding ear and the sun in the background just paint a somber image of what the series is all about.

The plot of Treachery:

The ka-tet of Roland, Alain and Cuthbert have returned safely to their home in Gilead. But all is not well. Roland has kept the evil Maerlyn’s Grapefruit and has become obsessed with peering into its pinkish depths despite the deadly toll it’s taken on his health. And what the young gunslinger sees brings him the darkest of nightmares.

Meanwhile, Roland’s father has led a posse in search of those who threatened his son’s life in Hambry—John Farson and the Big Coffin Hunters. And in this encounter, Stephen Deschain’s life may be forfeit

Here are a few pages from the first issue:

See more pictures over at IGN.