Mike’s Comic Pull List for Week of September 16th

By Mike

September 18, 2008 Comics No comments

Last week was a slim one for me in terms of reading comics. The new series from Stephen King, The Stand, was great fun and highly enjoyable.

But I haven’t read a good book in quite awhile, so while I was at Barnes & Noble last Friday, I saw Dexter Dreaming Darkly and just had to have it. I love the show and know that the series was inspired by the original novels, so it was a book I’d been wanting to snatch up. It’s good so far.

I was at B&N for a reason though, my wife wanted a graphic novel called Blankets, which turned out to be a $30 book the size of a dictionary. I read the first 10 pages and was already sucked in, but haven’t gotten any further. Neither has my wife.

I’m heading up north for a camping trip this afternoon and will be back Saturday, so I hope to finish Dexter while up there and get started on the new comics I picked up below.

Comics This Week

War Heroes #2

Loved the first issue of this new Mark Millar story, and it’s seemed to have taken forever to get #2. But it’s here now and when I picked it up yesterday, it was in a nice sealed pouch already. Curious about that, since I’d never seen one like that before, I asked the dude behind the counter.

A kid was standing by, so he motioned me over to the side and whispered to me, “It’s got some wang in it.

It took me a few minutes to figure out that meant a certain nude male body part (I’ve read it already, and yikes). They seal them up so that kids can’t easily read them I guess, much like a Playboy behind the counter at Circle K.


Robin #178

I only read the last one or two issues of Robin because of the Batman R.I.P. tie-in, but I actually liked it enough to pick it up this week.

Batman and the Outsiders #11 (R.I.P.)

Another R.I.P. tie-in, so it was in my box of its own accord. Never read one of these, but am going to at least give this one a chance.

Secret Invasion #3

Yes! They had #3 in stock, so now I can go to town on issues 3-6. Looking forward to this one.

Your Comics

What did you pick up this week? What have you read recently?