New Bond Theme Gives Us Another Way To Die

By Jason

September 19, 2008 Movies Music No comments

Once upon a time there was a rumor that Amy Winehouse was to sing the theme song for the newest James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. Then Amy had a few, ahem, problems and that idea kind of flew out the window. Instead we get a funky new theme from Alicia Keys and Jack White called Another Way To Die (are they actually singing TO Amy?) which you can hear right here.

I haven’t heard it enough to form a solid opinion although I’m sure they’ll play it enough for all of us to agree that they shouldn’t play it anymore. My only complain at this moment is that the music lead in to the vocals seems really long and the music doesn’t really seem to fit the look and feel of the art and previews we’ve seen of the film so far. But I guess it could work.

So what do you think? Do you like it? Does it match up to previous James Bond theme songs? Should Amy Winehouse have been given another chance to sing the song?