New Developments Mean Pop Critics Could Keep On Going

By Jason

September 25, 2008 Pop Critics News No comments

Since our posts yesterday concerning the imminent demise of Pop Critics, we have seen a tremendous outpouring of support. With that support has come an almost unanimous wish that Pop Critics could continue.

We completely understand where this sentiment is coming from as Mike and I both share those feelings. We don’t want to see Pop Critics go away any more than you guys do even if we do have logical reasons for doing what we’re doing.

However, with our announcement has come at least a couple of, what we feel, are serious offers to find a way to keep Pop Critics live and on the air, so to speak. Mike and I are currently considering all possibilities and are weighing our options. We want you to know that we are working to find a way to keep Pop Critics alive if at all possible. While it may not be possible to keep Pop Critics going with Mike and I having the same sort of involvement we’ve had over the past seven months, it may be possible to keep it going with someone who shares our vision and respects what we have done.

If Pop Critics does stay live you will undoubtedly find Mike and I trolling the comments section so don’t think we’re just going to disappear for good.

We will keep you updated on what is happening and keep you informed as to any decisions we make. Thanks for all the support.