Our Thoughts and Prayers are with East Texas

By Mike

September 12, 2008 Pop Critics News No comments

I’ve been so busy this week with work, writing and all the normal stuff that bogs down our everyday life, that I hadn’t been paying much attention to Hurricane Ike and the major threat it poses to residents of eastern Texas.

A report last night from CNN.com said that single-family homes along the coast of Texas face “certain death” depending on where they are and where Ike comes on shore. Yikes.

I know our very own Jason lives in Austin, but according to the projected path, he looks to be safely to the west of it. But my in-laws live in Jefferson, up in the northeast corner (east of Dallas) and it’s expected to turn right for them and retain a lot of strength when it gets there.

Ike is supposed to make landfall tomorrow morning (Saturday) and our thoughts/prayers are with those of you in eastern Texas. I hope you can make it through safely and that this thing doesn’t end up being another disastrous storm.