The End of (a Very Short) Era – Pop Critics Shuts Down

By Jason

September 24, 2008 Pop Critics News No comments

Way, way back in the latter days of February, 2008, Mike and I started Pop Critics as a site where we could dish out news and opinions on the world of pop culture and entertainment. We teamed up because we had both been running similar sites on our own, we shared a love of entertainment, and we shared a vision for what Pop Critics could be.

Over the past seven months we’ve had a fantastic time and managed to reach levels of success that we didn’t think we would reach for many more months or years. Many of you, our friends and dedicated readers, even volunteered your services to write articles and recaps for the site and your help has been instrumental in helping us achieve the success we’ve attained thus far.

Unfortunately, success doesn’t always come with fame and fortune (especially fortune) so both Mike and I have had to maintain full time jobs while trying to juggle all the demands of running a popular site that has been updated anywhere from 8 to 12 times a day, every weekday, for the past seven months. Well, over 2,100 articles have been posted to the site since its inception. It would be an understatement to say that we, and especially our families, have had to make sacrifices to make this possible.

There comes a time in any project that the participants must look at where they are, where they want to be, and what it will take to get them to their ultimate goal. Mike and I have both been doing this, together and separately, over the past several weeks. What we have both come to realize is that our current arrangement simply cannot continue to work. The number of hours we’ve been spending on Pop Critics has simply grown to the point where we can no longer justify the sacrifices we are asking of ourselves, our jobs, and our families. While we have enjoyed success, ultimate financial success and freedom is still too far down the road for us to be able to continue.

Pop Critics, as you know it, will be shutting down. Our partnership on this site will be coming to an end.

I want to personally thank all of you who have stuck with us and continued to follow this site over the past months. Your visits and comments have kept us going day after day and we have enjoyed immensely the time we’ve spent interacting with all of you. Although I have never actually met most of you, I feel that I have made some great friends. I will miss our daily conversations.

I also want to thank those who wrote for us and contributed for nothing more than an occasional pat on the back or “thank you.”

Richard Porter has been, perhaps, the most prodigious and deserves special thanks. His articles are always well written and well received. He’s been like a third partner over the past several months.

Praise for Richard isn’t mean to denigrate our other contributors by any means nor is our gratitude limited to his contributions. Over the past months we’ve had contributions from no less than nine people. Adam Czar, Ana Clark, David Scrivner, Jina Olbinski, Julie Secor, Nicky Vender, Shawn White, and Jeff Brunson have all written outstanding articles for us and I cannot thank them enough. Many others contributed on other ways. Their hard work and dedication to our vision did not and has not gone unnoticed and Mike and I are both eternally grateful for their help and contributions.

Our plan for the immediate future is to spend more time concentrating on our families and various personal projects. My wife and I have a fifteen month old daughter and Mike and Jina are expecting their first child soon so we have plenty to keep us busy. Pop Critics will remain online for the remainder of the month, however, regular updates from Mike and I will cease as of today.

We are unsure of what will happen to the Pop Critics site itself although we have discussed the possibility of selling it. Hosting fees are too great to continue to carry the site for very long so it seems unlikely the site will stay live past the end of the month. If you or anyone you know is in the market for a well trafficked, PR4 entertainment site, we’ve got the site for you.

Mike and I both have individual websites that we plan to continue maintaining indefinitely. You can always check out what’s going on in our lives and what projects we might be involved in by checking out my site at or Mike’s site at

It’s been a great adventure that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks again for all your support.