TV Talk: Sunday Night

By Mike

September 29, 2008 Television No comments

With Pop Critics in a state of suspended animation, and a potential new owner in the works, we wanted to make sure the site kept somewhat alive for the next week or so. We’re also hopeful that our recaps of Dexter, Mad Men, Charlie Jade, Pushing Daisies, Friday Night Lights and others, will be posted as normal by our contributors.

While I can’t promise anything so far in the future, I am planning on sticking to my Lost and Battlestar Galactica recaps come 2009, and hope all of you guys will remain around to join us for all the fun talk about those shows.

Dexter and The Amazing Race premiered last night, so let’s talk about those shows and anything else that was on last night. In the next few weeks, I’ll be using these TV Talk posts just so we all have a place to talk about those series that we’re not recapping here.

Heck, I may even do a little bit of our annual Amazing Race contest around here.

So what did you think of last night’s episodes?