Are You Kidding Me NBC???

By Mike

October 21, 2008 Television No comments

Variety reports today that friggin’ Knight Rider has been picked up by NBC for a FULL SEASON. This after their ratings have been fairly poor despite the TV movie “prequel” doing well last season.

I watched 20 minutes of the Knight Rider movie and had to turn it off. Wow, was it awful. But it was almost nothing compared to the first 20 minutes of the reimagined series that I witnessed a few weeks ago. No longer a cool car, KITT is a Transformer that can morph into anything that they program him to. Ugh. Really?

And let’s not mention the “sexy” striptease in the first 10 minutes to get the audience all hot and bothered over the lead characters. Lame. When you have no real story or good writing, show naked people. That will draw in viewers!

Heck, even one of our readers, The Cap’n, watches the show regularly and admits it’s awful. Really, really bad.

Yet it’s renewed. And why do I care so much? Because it’s just another reminder that Journeyman was treated so badly by NBC and deserved to be around longer. If this steaming pile of Knight Rider can get a full year, why not Journeyman?

Thanks for nothing NBC. Enjoy low quality television for the sake of advertising dollars (because that’s the only reason I can think of why Knight Rider is still around. How much is Ford paying to showcase their Mustang?).

Grrrrrr….Mike is getting upset.