My Name is Bruce: Bruce Campbell conquers all media

By Richard

October 11, 2008 Comics Movies No comments

As y’all know, we’re big fans of The Chin around these parts. My man-crush on him was on full display while I recapped Burn Notice and it’s not like the rest of the Pop Critics gang aren’t fans themselves. And we’ve been looking forward to the release of My Name is Bruce for a while now.

The film, in which Bruce Campbell plays an action star named Bruce Campbell who has to fight a giant Chinese demon to save a small, Oregon town, opens October 26.

On a recent trip to the comic shop to pick up my weeklies, I took a quick look at the new release wall and spotted the Dark Horse one-shot you see to the left. Written by Milton Freewater, Jr. and penciled by Cliff Richards, it’s a fun tie-in to what’s going to be a blast of a B-movie.

Have a look at the trailer and bask in the glory of The Chin.

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