TV Talk: Monday Night

By Mike

October 21, 2008 Television No comments

Tons of stuff on Monday nights as usual, I only watched a handful of things. First off, yes, maybe I need to turn in my man card, but Gossip Girl is one of the more clever and funnier shows on TV that a lot of people just don’t appreciate. It’s delightfully evil at times and the writing is wicked sharp. If more people watched it, I’m assured Chuck Bass would be considered one of the best bad guys on network television.

Speaking of Chuck, another hilarious episode, especially with the Buy More “Make us an offer” Sale that took place. That led to some funny moments, not to mention the now open position of assistant manager that Chuck will take? What about all the stuff with Sarah and her past? Very interesting and a great way to deeper her character.

And finally, the only other show I watched was Heroes, which had some good stuff (like a nice fight between Sylar and Peter) but really just meandered around. But what about the huge moment of the episode, which happened early on?

Spoiler Warning!

So Peter’s dad is alive, but barely, and he can apparently just take powers from whoever he wants. So poor Adam Monroe, AKA Sark from Alias, gets his immortality skills sucked right from him and crumbles away into dust.

Wow. That was a pretty huge moment to happen so very quickly. Granted, he’s more of a bit character this season, but still. Can you imagine living as long as he had only to die in an instant like that? That’s really how it ends for him?

What did you think of last night’s TV?