TV Talk: The Weekend

By Mike

October 19, 2008 Television No comments

Lots of stuff over the weekend. The Soup and Life on Friday Night. I forgot to DVR Crusoe, so I’m watching the replay on Bravo or SciFi or some other station related to NBC on Tuesday night. If you saw Crusoe, what did you think?

Saturday Night Live was also fun with Sarah Palin showing up. The funniest part had to be the Amy Poehler “Sarah Palin Rap”, which was absolutely hysterical. If you missed it, here is the entire thing courtesy of Hulu:

What about Sunday night? Dexter was kind of slow, but there were some great lines, like “He’s the f*cking witness whisperer!” The careful demise of Miguel’s brother by Dexter was also classic.

Still liking the show, but does it feel less “thrilling” or “scary” to you this year?

The Amazing Race was awesome as always, although those frat boys are really giving ASU fraternities a bad name.

Oh, and finally…I’m now a HUGE fan of Stormchasers, having watched my first ever episode of the Discovery series on Sunday night. Great fun, especially if you could picture yourself right alongside them. Looking forward to how seeing how the season plays out. I’m pulling for Reed and company to get the best shots.

What did you guys watch and like over the weekend?