A quickie review of Zero Hour

By Mike

February 22, 2013 Television No comments


When I saw a new show coming up with Anthony Edwards starring, I was intrigued. Have always liked the guy from back in the ER days and so I thought I’d give this one a chance.

Also…these kinds of shows are right up my alley. Mysteries that need to be solved, apocalypse, all that jazz. I’ve been so converted to the serialized format that watching shows like CSI, etc., no longer appeal to me. Although…Castle is must-see TV!

I’ve only seen the first episode of Zero Hour and from that brief glance I have mixed feelings about it. I mean…on a positive note, they end up in the Arctic which is pretty awesome. A buried sub with dead bodies on it. A map displayed on a wall from a jewel. Very cool.

But it all happened a little too fast for me. I know pilots are like that…they usually have an hour to get their point across to the audience. But like I said above…I’m spoiled these days, not only with serialized greatness, but also quality storytelling. And the way this show made the leap from Hank Galliston’s (Edwards) wife being kidnapped to a Da Vinci Code puzzle was a bit too much for me.

OF COURSE (heavy sarcasm) Father Mickle (played by the awesome Charles Dutton) knows all about things that happened so very long ago. And instead of being worried about his wife like a normal husband, Hank decides to ignore help from the FBI and investigate this clock.

I dunno…I am probably too picky, but I enjoy realism and grit these days.

However…it was entertaining so I’m going to watch a few more episodes.

What did you think?