The Walking Dead – “Home”

By Mike

February 18, 2013 Television No comments



Walker car bomb.

This show never stops being awesome. About 0.09 seconds before Axel got shot in the head I said to my wife “He’s about to get sho…” and then BOOM! Although one has to wonder how it took one shot to kill Axel and then the Governor and crew kept missing everyone else.

Before I go much further, I need to point out that this is the first Walking Dead recap I’ve ever written. Being away from Pop Critics for over four years left me talking about shows I loved on Facebook in quick status updates! So bear with me as I rediscover to my previous writing skillz. Remember my little recaps aren’t true “recaps”…they are just my thoughts and may not mention everything that happened.

Talking about The Walking Dead television show is always compared to the comic books in my head. And thus I may bring them up from time to time. I’ll try my best to refrain from spoilers of course. But the series is holding fairly fast to the comic books in terms of where Rick and company have ended up thus far. Those who are alive now aren’t necessarily alive in the comics.

The one sorta major difference is the Governor himself. In the comics he was a psycho from the get-go. Here it’s sort of hidden below layers and layers. And then it took Michonne destroying his eye ball to bring out the true mad man. I think we’ve yet to see what he can do and it’s going to be insane.

He’s one clever dude too. Attacking the prison, staying mostly out of reach and then sending in a truck full of walkers was genius. For a moment there I wasn’t quite sure if Axel was going to be the only dead one.

But let’s talk about the best part of this episode: Daryl. Who isn’t in the comics but I sure wish was. My favorite character of course. His return was flat-out awesome, but it was before that with Merle that I loved. When he finally realized where he belonged and who he was. Saving that family on the bridge and then putting a crossbow to Merle’s head woke him up. Then Merle seeing those scars. That was huge.

Also…showing up at the last second to send an arrow through that walker’s head almost into Rick’s face was epic. Loved it.

Have to mention Rick of course, who is going off the deep end. One can only hope it’s over now. The comic books are a bit different here. The phone that Rick first answered in an early episode isn’t something that goes away so quickly. It’s around for awhile. I think perhaps the TV version is going with Rick seeing visions of Sarah instead of talking to her on the phone because it’s probably less hokey? I can see how showing Rick chatting on a phone every episode might get silly.

Also…Andrea has quickly become my least favorite character on the show. I dunno if she just can’t act or they don’t know how to write her…but ugh. Maybe it’s just time she comes home.

The resolution of the prison vs Woodbury is going to be ridiculous. I cannot wait to see how it plays out.

Is it Sunday yet?