The Walking Dead recap – “I aint no Judas”

By Mike

February 25, 2013 Television No comments


Andrea and Carol are just chillin’ with Lil’ Ass Kicker, who’s all cute and stuff and Carol calmly drops…

“You need to sleep with him. Give him the greatest night of his life, get him to drop his guard. And then, when he’s sleeping, you can end this.”


If she had only taken her own advice years ago. But that’s a whole other topic. I love how this show catches you off-guard with stuff like this. Andrea finally meets the baby, gets a moment alone with Carol and the results are a chilling bit of conversation.

But let’s start from before this happened. Andrea returned to the prison. Finally. And the warm fuzzy welcome she may have been hoping for did not take place. It had to be a major shock to see the people she left back at the barn turn into this paranoid military-like unit that removed her weapons, searched her and essentially treated her like the enemy. On the Talking Dead afterwards, they said the scene was so intense for actress Laurie Holden (Andrea), that there were lots of hugs between takes. Crazy.

I have to say…Andrea is frustrating. Or maybe it’s the dragging out of her being torn between the two groups. Maybe it’s her cluelessness. Maybe it’s the acting skills. I dunno. But I’m ready for her to choose a side or just get killed already.

Michonne’s confrontation with her was so perfect. Andrea had no words at the end. And that was followed up with Carol telling her to go kill the Governor. I guess I can’t blame her in a way…she loves the idea of Woodbury and wants to “have a life” again…but that’s almost impossible right now.

I love Michonne by the way. She needs to become a more integral part of the show soon. Probably next episode.

And at the end when Andrea did everything Carol asked…she couldn’t stab Phillip. Of course I was glad because he deserves a much worse death than that and possibly by any number of other people besides Andrea. But I also wanted it to happen.

Hey, I was just like Andrea…torn. OMG the parallels.

Lots of amazing other moments in this episode. If you are a fan of the comics, than the official, legit eye patch the Governor put on was awesome. About damn time.

Two other important scenes. Herschel confronting Rick and perhaps waking him up a little bit. Telling him to put aside his pain and do what he’s supposed to do. When Rick was outside looking through the binoculars…we saw a flash of movement. Was that him holding Bridal Ghost Laurie at bay?

And then Carl suggesting that he someone else lead for awhile. Carl is starting to grow on me a little bit right now. I’ve never been a huge fan of him because he was always being stupid, even in the comics. But he’s practically a man now. The real question is…why does he want Rick to step down? I don’t think anyone knows for sure. Is it because Carl is kind of a leader now and knows this is the right move for the group? Is he embarrassed for his dad losing his marbles? Or perhaps he just wants his dad back to himself and little Judith?

The ending is telling though. While Beth is singing (which was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, I’d buy that single), Rick tells Herschel and Daryl that he’s off to fix this. And he’s taking Michonne and Carl with him. Maybe this is his way of fulfilling both things that were asked of him. He’s finally “doing” something and he’s also leaving the group, which in a way takes him out of a leadership position for awhile.

The real question is…where is he going? To slay the governor? That’s what I figure. Although the previews for next week threw me for a loop.

Finally…most frustrating part of the episode was Tyreese and company joining up with Woodbury. Argh! He’s such an awesome dude in the comics and while I KNOW they’ll find a way to get him back on Rick’s side…it’s super annoying to see him over there now just like Andrea. Frak.

What did you think? What is Rick doing? What did Carl mean? Is Carol maybe a badder ass than we ever thought?