Welcome back to Pop Critics

By Mike

February 21, 2013 Movies Pop Critics News No comments


Yup, that’s basically how I feel right now. I’ve missed you guys. I want to give you a big hug.

Back in 2008, Jason Clark and myself sold Pop Critics to a new owner because our lives were nuts and we couldn’t handle the pressure of 20,000 entertainment blog posts a day. Maybe it was more like 10, but it definitely was time consuming. I also had my first kid on the way and that coupled with a full time job made it obvious that we had to give it up.

That was over four years ago. It’s hard to believe it. What’s changed? Am I suddenly less busy?

Nope. In fact, we have two kids now. I work full-time and also have a full-time photography business on the side. So why on EARTH did I buy back this website and what makes me think relaunching it is a GOOD idea???

Well, I need an outlet. I am still a die-hard entertainment junkie. With the kids we don’t see as many movies as we’d like, but we’re TV experts now. I’m actually embarrassed when I look back on a few of my articles before signing off in 2008. I liked GOSSIP GIRL?? Are you kidding me? I will tell you that didn’t last very long.

But the fact is…I love to write and I love TV and movies. And comics still. I need a place to talk about them and to pass on recommendations to you guys. We are in a golden age of TV I think where a lot of what’s on cable is actually better than most movies anyways. Mad Men. Breaking Bad…The Walking Dead, New Girl, Game of Thrones, Homeland…I mean…so much awesome.

Pop Critics wont be like the old days with tons of posts a day, but I do want to write short recaps, talk about shows you should be watching, do stupid top 10 lists that I can laugh at four years later and all that good stuff.

If you read this, let me know if you’re here in the comments below…I know lots of you are still subscribed to the RSS feed and email subscriptions, so say hello and we’ll get reacquainted.

Thanks so much for still being around…hoping for some great entertainment discussions as things go forward!

In the meantime, I’ve already written a quick blurb about The Walking Dead…probably my favorite show on TV right now.