Hi , I’m The New Guy.


Hi Everybody!  My name’s Steve, I’m the new guy here at Pop Critics.  I’ll be one of the authors on this blog from now on; helping Mike out with getting posts to you guys in a timely fashion.

But before all that, I should probably tell everyone a little bit about myself.  After all, we will be spending some time here together, right?  Right.

I’m a 30-something self-professed nerd with an absolute love for stereotypical nerd-like things.  To that end, I’ll be bringing coverage on the goings-on in the worlds of:


  • Comics
  • Anime and Manga
  • Video Games
  • Technology
  • Television
  • Internet culture

WOO!  Wasn’t that bulleted list just scintillating?  I’m glad we all made it through in one piece.  Now that we’ve covered the topics, what exactly will I post?  Good question; and to be honest, I haven’t quite sorted it out yet.  I’ll be posting a bit of everything.  Miscellany, really.  I plan on putting up short blips on things that are new and noteworthy, as well as short previews and in-depth reviews.  Perhaps even a few longreads (my writery term for things that most people will tl;dr over).

Well, that wasn’t so painful was it?  I’m happy to be here and look forward to giving you guys great content to read.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some “research” to do; by which I mean I’m going to grab my iPad and read comic books for “inspiration”.