About Pop Critics

Pop Critics is the joint effort of two aspiring writers and pop culture critics who have nothing better to do than convey to you their opinions, musings, and feelings on the world of television, movies, books, music and whatever else in the realm of pop culture tickles their fancy.

The intent of Pop Critics is to give you a central location for the latest news on what we think is good, important, and/or worthy of your time. There likely will be no recaps for Rock of Love or a movie review on The Hottie or the Nottie at Pop Critics (unless it’s to denounce them); we want to bring you quality reporting on things you SHOULD be paying attention to today because they are the things the world will be paying attention to tomorrow.

Pop Critics is run by Jason A Clark and Mike Olbinski, two guys who met on the internet and realized they were in fact the same exact person. Not literally of course (unless cloning was involved), but their two blogs were so close in nature, so parallel in subject matter, so cosmically aligned to the same topics and opinions, that one day they just felt like things would be a heck of a lot easier if they teamed up (like Batman and Robin or Laverne and Shirley).

Mike is an aspiring writer of all kinds of topics. He’s dabbled in sports writing, covering some of the local professional teams in Phoenix, Arizona, done a bit of work for the Associated Press and have written for local papers. He grew tired of sports writing because of the pessimism that grows inside you covering the thing you used to love.

Now he writes about what he loves and enjoy the most, and that mainly has to do with the world of entertainment and being a critic of that world. Becoming a full-time movie critic would be a dream of his, so he’s trying to accomplish that by doing it here for free. For the time being. Depending on how things go, you may all wish you had been Mike’s friends before he ends up sitting next to Richard Roeper on At The Movies!

Jason A ClarkJason is a one-time film major from the University of Texas. Life’s journey took him out of film school and into business, but the love of film and television never left his blood. Jason is an avid fan of the entertainment world and enjoys sharing his views and opinions on the in and outs of the Hollywood process. He’s also very opinionated and enjoys sharing his opinions with others.

Jason has been writing since the early ’90s in various forms from short stories to articles. Digital media was a natural progression born out of convenience and technology. He now eschews the printing of his own words on paper unless it’s done by hand, written by sacred Tibetan monks on parchment made from the leaves of a very rare tree that grows only one month a year in certain parts of Indonesia. Unless, of course, he’s paid a lot of money, in which case you can pretty much print his stuff anywhere.