Ultimate Bad Ass

Welcome to Ultimate Bad Ass, the first of its kind here at Pop Critics and hopefully not the last.

What is Ultimate Bad Ass? This time around, we’re trying to determine who the biggest and baddest action hero is in television and movies. This stemmed from a tangent in a discussion one Friday in which the awesomeness of Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris were debated, and then Mr. T was thrown in for good measure.

From this the idea came to hold a bracket competition to determine via voting which action hero was the best and would kick the snot out of everyone else.

We then put up a post dedicated solely to nominations and that grew to 40+ individuals. We weeded that down into 32 we deemed worthy, with 8 of them being women in order to find out who the baddest female would be.

You can follow the contest below and check back to this page often as we’ll keep it updated as the contest progresses. The contest began on April 11th, 2008 with a Wildcard Playoff.

The Beginning

The Bracket

The Matchups

Each voting period lasts for 5 days at which time voting is closed.

Round 1

Round 2